Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey Grandpa What's for Supper? 11/3 to 11/9

Well lets see......I baked a chicken and left it behind for SOb to have while I was at the boat, so I came home Monday night to a carcass.....(not SOb, the chicken)...just enough meat left for fried rice.........

Monday- Chicken fried rice, Chinese chicken wings, GG steamers Asian style medley veggies
(usesd 1/2 the HH fried rice packet to coat the chicken wings, then cooked wings under the broiler for about 15 minutes one side, 10 minutes other side. Zapped the frozen veggies -not bad, I was a little scared of the orange sauce but it turned out to not have a noticeable presence)

Tuesday- I was off work so I made a triple batch of spaghetti sauce...I will freeze 2 quart bags and the remaining sauce will feed SOb and myself twice.

Wednesday-yeah suppers done!!!! Spaghetti....num, num, num...(thats me eating)

Thursday-Pork loin, gravy, mashed taters and fresh broccoli (on sale,homemade kinda sorta, free, on sale so I bought 3 lbs I'll be having a lot of broccoli )

Friday-Tonight I am hosting a reception at work for the NC State Annual meeting of the Professional Business Women's Association......guess who gets to do the food.... I am feeding them crab dip, spinach dip, cheese and crackers, chicken salad and pimento cheese mini sandwiches, fruit tray, veggie tray (think I'll throw in some broccoli) and beer....its a stand up deal thank GOD!

Saturday-Fried Flounder from the freezer, twice baked tator, more fresh broccoli

Sunday-Shrimp Creole- This is from a triple batch of sauce I made a few weeks ago and froze.
Now all I'll have to do is thaw it out, heat it up, add shrimp for about 4 minutes (till they turn from pink to white) and serve over a bed of rice....num num num num.....oh, and whats left of the broccoli....

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Amiyrah said...

lol! I love the "num num num" sound. great meal plan! can't wait to see next week's :o)

I'm pretty sure this is VAmom

I'm pretty sure this is VAmom