Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Weather Clam Chowder

Ok this is a quickie, easy recipe that I doctor up a wee bit....but I love it on a cold many days in a row can I eat this?

1 can Progresso Clam Chowder (or your choice canned variety) -purchased for .25 on BOGO sale with Q's
1 can snows chopped or minced clams - free on bogo sale for 1.99 with $1q +.99q

1 medium potato chopped/cooked in 1/2 can chicken broth - free on Bogo sale with q's (forgot q amount)
1/2 small onion minced and cooked with potato

Dump chowder and clams with juice in cooked potato/onion mixture (add a little butter if you desire)
heat till warm and bubbly serve with bread of choice or cheese toast....this amount serves two in bowls or 4 in cups.

Monday, November 10, 2008

OK.....This is my recent addition to the huntfish stock pile, from triples at Harris Teeter.
I made 5 trips, used exactly 100 coupons, purchased 155 items spent $93.54 oop.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey Grandpa What's for Supper? 11/3 to 11/9

Well lets see......I baked a chicken and left it behind for SOb to have while I was at the boat, so I came home Monday night to a carcass.....(not SOb, the chicken)...just enough meat left for fried rice.........

Monday- Chicken fried rice, Chinese chicken wings, GG steamers Asian style medley veggies
(usesd 1/2 the HH fried rice packet to coat the chicken wings, then cooked wings under the broiler for about 15 minutes one side, 10 minutes other side. Zapped the frozen veggies -not bad, I was a little scared of the orange sauce but it turned out to not have a noticeable presence)

Tuesday- I was off work so I made a triple batch of spaghetti sauce...I will freeze 2 quart bags and the remaining sauce will feed SOb and myself twice.

Wednesday-yeah suppers done!!!! Spaghetti....num, num, num...(thats me eating)

Thursday-Pork loin, gravy, mashed taters and fresh broccoli (on sale,homemade kinda sorta, free, on sale so I bought 3 lbs I'll be having a lot of broccoli )

Friday-Tonight I am hosting a reception at work for the NC State Annual meeting of the Professional Business Women's Association......guess who gets to do the food.... I am feeding them crab dip, spinach dip, cheese and crackers, chicken salad and pimento cheese mini sandwiches, fruit tray, veggie tray (think I'll throw in some broccoli) and beer....its a stand up deal thank GOD!

Saturday-Fried Flounder from the freezer, twice baked tator, more fresh broccoli

Sunday-Shrimp Creole- This is from a triple batch of sauce I made a few weeks ago and froze.
Now all I'll have to do is thaw it out, heat it up, add shrimp for about 4 minutes (till they turn from pink to white) and serve over a bed of rice....num num num num.....oh, and whats left of the broccoli....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey Crazy Lady this aint candy it's a rebate form....

You can't tell, but today I am dressed as a mental patient. I am crazy about rebates and can't wait to open the mail everyday. Last month I deposited $176 in rebate checks (not counting wags or RA total with them ran close to $300) My original goal was to use rebate $$ to cover the cost of one monthly expense...but now its gone way past that.... I'm coo coo over them I tell you!!....ok, enough of that here comes Nurse Ratchet, time for my medication....

I have a few extras forms if anyone would like to share in the fun, send me your address and they're yours:

Theraflu..(any)..up to $6.99 purch between 10/19 and 1/31/09...need receipt & upc
(have 2)
Excedrin..(20 ct exp gels)..up to $6.99 purch between 10/19 and 12/31...need receipt & upc (have 2)
ChapStick true shimmer or 1oo% naturals up to $2.99 purchase between 10/12/08 and 11/22/08 need receipt & UPC
(have 10)
Oral B Pulsonic, Professional Care or Sonic Complete Power toothbrush up to $15
purchase between 10/12 and 12/14/08 need receipt and upc
(have 13)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where did all the razors go?

ok....someone wanted to know where all the razors went......ummmm they are at razor camp...
with Huntfish.... till they make it into the homeless bags...or baglady bags as Jmo and I like to anyhoo my first blog post regarding hounding is that these little fellows ended up in my truck and I gave them a ride be redistributed later.
CVS price was $1 less than posted at I heart I did quite well with these...I think the price was $4.99 I used a $2.00 q and got back a $5.00 ecb......they rounded up a penny.....also rounded up with something else I got that day......

ok....thats not me over there in the photo....its my favorite photo from my daughters
pre-K class......but I just love pirates!!!!
AH HA!! I have entered the blog world....this should be fun if I can figure out what the heck I'm doing.
I wish I had started this when I was buying the boat...and teaching myself to be a boat captain. I had to learn that from the internet as I had never driven a boat in my life. Thank God for online coast guard boating courses.....and 300 miles of open water to learn in. My significant other, one of my best buddies and myself brought the boat down from Alexandria VA to Belhaven NC in 300 miles and 4 days after I paid for her I was officially a boat captain......I brought her the last 75 miles now I guess I can mark that off the bucket list.....
If you would like to see photos from that trip look all the way at the bottom of my page and you'll see a list under "These are a few of my favorite things"

Anyway, playing on the boat and couponing are my two favorite past times right now....The girls over on the MSN-Money-Community-Women in Red-Grocery challenge are a scream!!! (and smart too) if you want to learn how to save money you should visit them.........see below for a link to the grocery challenge.

I'm pretty sure this is VAmom

I'm pretty sure this is VAmom